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Every plan includes our latest features and performance (firefox, chrome, mobile, Personalization and segmentation, Schedule). We understand that even Small Businesses need to reach their audience.

How big is your audience?

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1,000 subscribers

For up to 1,000 subscribers you'll pay $9 per month.

Which payment methods do you provide?

Stripe really helps us to manage our plans, so we're using Stripe with support for credit cards. Unfortunately, credit cards are the only way to pay for PushKit at the moment. PayPal has no baked-in support for our plans, but maybe we add the feature to purchase an anually plan of Mail Roll with PayPal. If you want to use other payment methods, just write us ([email protected]).

Do you store my payment details?

For God's sake, no! You'll send your credit card details directly to Stripe which is one of the biggest payment providers in the world. They store your payment credentials for the time of your subscription. Stripe gives us the name of the brand of your credit card and the last four numbers. That's it. We use these details to show you, which credit card you added. We don't store your credit card number or CVC or anything.

How do you charge me?

We charge you considering the amount of notifications you've sent. We won't charge you until you pass 0 - 1,000 subscribers. After that we'll charge you the plan considering the amount of notifications you've sent.

How does anually plans work?

Anually plans were made for those who are going to use our service the whole year. The reason why you should choose an anually plan is to save 16,66% of the money you would be paying if you pay every single month. More specific, you would be paying 10 months of the plan you chose and get the other 2 months for free.

What if I want to cancel my plan?

No problem, You head to your Settings, then click on cancel plan and we won't charge you next month.

What about features in every plan?

Every plan even free include all features (firefox, chrome, mobile, Personalization and segmentation, Schedule).

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